Kinta Skydancer

Warrioress, Necromancer, Ranger, Current Guardian of the Golden Realms


Dark Krysalith Armor +200 – Allows the wearer to blend in with the background and become seemingly invisible.

Guardian Black Bow – A gift from the Guardians of the Black Watch when Kintra helped to save the Golden Realms during the War of Terrors.

Skydancer Blade – Inherited from her Mother, Kinta wields this blade with pride.


Kinta is the daughter of a legendary Warlord known as Moira Skydancer and the traveller Tiphareth. She was born two years after her brother Tyncor and has a younger brother Tiphareth JR who was born fifteen years later. She spent much of her childhood at a cabin tucked away in a forest clearing within the ancient forest of Tarkil. A peaceful and humble beginning for one would later become a very strong Necromancer and Ranger. She originally had dreams of being acrobat or a singer but was drawn into the world of warlords and intrigue when she was fifteen which changed her entire life and made her aware that she was not the normal average young girl.

In the novel “Legacy of Skydancer”, Kinta joined her brother Tyncor and a young Krillion named Tangleberry in helping their parents deal with a very old enemy. As they had lived in peace for almost eighteen years and had been enjoying the quietness and normalicy of life. Then Kinta and Tyncor had to recieve a crash course in some of their abilities, such as portaling, and manipulating energy. Though they would never be able to take the form of a dragon like their mother was known to do. All the stories about their mother, they would find which they had thought where just stories, were revealed to be very true.

Once the old enemies where dealt with, Kinta went on to be a Ranger, creating a small group with her brother, Tangleberry and a couple of others they had befriended in their adventure to the north lands. However the cold blooded murder of their father altered Tyncor who for a time became her worst enemy, to the point of sending her through a portal into another real to become first prisoner and then consort of a Necromancing Dark Elf. After twenty years with him she finally won her freedom and returned to the Golden Realms, quite changed and wielding a new magic that she had learned.

She became a proficient necromancer though misunderstood by her family, as her brothers couldn’t quite grasp the fact she now wielded dark magic. She was however able to defeat Tyncor in a explosive battle that assisted in bringing him back out of his past insanity, allowing the three siblings to be together again. As Tiphareth was by now grown and able to join them on their various escapades. Kinta was changed though, she was more darker in her prospective of life and it took her a while to forgive her brother for what he had done to her.

In years to come, due to the fact that she is half Shar’tah, she will be known to show up unexpectedly to render assistance to those needing aid. She will along with her brothers watch the ancient past roll into the present day and then slowly ease into the future. Three quiet travellers who witness the various major advents, sometimes interfering, but usually remaining on the sidelines. The Skydancer line though continued on as they all three married at least once during the long years they lived, though each outlived their spouse and watched their children and grandchildren grow up and die.

Kinta still exists, though she prefers to watch from the background much of the time, but can be lured out from time to time when someone needs some form of aid, or she feels someone is throwing their weight around a little too heavily. She has her mother’s temper but also her father’s patience and was always the one to calm the fights between her brothers in later years. She is like her mother, a Traveller.

Kinta Skydancer

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