Moira Skydancer

Warlord, Princess, former Guardian of the Golden Realms.


Sharvorian Armor +500

Skydancer Blade – crafted by the skilled blacksmith of the Silvarian Krysalith’s and gifted to Moira by High King Meaglin before his untimely assassination.

Jeweled Dagger – Holds a enchanted sapphire stone in the hilt, that allows the one who uses it to always strike on target.

Black Bow of Rakkath – The Bow of the infamous Dark Krysalith Rakkath who served Moira in her years as Dark Warlord.

Sword of Tiphareth – in the pommel of this blade Moira keeps her crystal star safe.


Moira Skydancer was born on the planet Mirrormor, home to a race known as the Shar’tah. She was daughter to a Shar’tah Kilmarrah couple who died in battle with Black Shar’tah. She was adopted into another family and raised believing she was their full blooded sister, her sisters Yan’lil, Shurikan, Lan’yil and Mysterious bonded with her and treated her well. Like any young Shar’tah Kilmarrah she trained hard in the Shar’tah Academy, earning at a young age the title of Scout. She was sent on her first mission to a unique seeming world the Shar’tah had stumbled upon known as the Golden Realms and there befriended a Ranger Company.

This lead to her capture, by the Wolf King Dargoth, where she was brainwashed and given a new name. ‘Wolf of Dargoth’. For Five years she served him, raising villages to the ground at his order, but old friends came back trying to bring her around and out of the Wolf King’s grips. She at first attempted to capture them and bring them to her Lord, but during the journey, many memories that had been repressed began to surface leaving her disorientated and confused. She set her friends free, then ran into Sir Krammer whom she thought she murdered before Dargoth five years ago when forced to prove her loyalty. Seeing him very much alive and well shocked her, and she fled.

But she returned, finding her friends recaptured, she gave herself up and they journey back to the Wolf King was complete, with a excited and rather happy Lord Rangor who sort to win back favour from the Wolf King in proving that the Wolf of Dargoth was a traitor. But in facing off against the Wolf King, Moira was able to turn the tables, and badly injure the Wolf King though recieving a mortal wound herself.

Her friends manage to get her out of the Wolf King’s den and took her to the Isle of Shari where she lay in a coma for almost a year while her body healed and repulsed all of the dark taint and magics that the Wolf King had used on her to bind her to his service. When she awoke she had no memory of who she was, or where she was. Lady Dovelin however refused to give up hope, and introduced her to her various old friends, or those of her friends who yet survived, Sir Krammer, Sir Lionheart, Alixa, Storm, Grong and herself.

To jump start Moira’s memories she was first taken to High King Megilis of the High Krysalith, as in her past she had assisted him when he had had some internal difficulties with his sister, but not alot jolted her memories to come forth other than the return of her sword which she had left there because of an unfinished task. That was revealed that she was to lead his troops into battle against the Omarian’s who were wanting to take their coastal cities by force, to establish a sea trade route. Moira tried to get out of it, but was caught up in circumstance that swept her south to the shores of the black sea, and into battle against the Omarians.

Out of the chaos, she managed to end the warfare by forcing the Omarian and Krysalith King to hold a meeting. Though it was then revealed that other forces where at work to get her killed, when someone accused her of murdering the general’s of both the King’s. Without seeking to find out if it was true or not, Moira was tied to a stake, then just as she was about to be put to fire, a guard who had approached with the lite branch, tossed the branch aside to reveal it was Storm dressed up to free her. Moira had little choice but to shift to dragon form to flee the area. Though she was hit by a black arrow by the one causing her all the trouble.

In the Inn she met not for the first time a man who had helped keep her from taking her own life at certain points when she had felt things too much, too frustrating or on the brink of giving up. He healed her injury at a significant cost to himself, but insisted she do what she must to find out who was behind all the trouble. Moira asked for a name then, as up until then she had been calling herself Traveller. He named her ‘Moira Skydancer’, feeling that it suited her well. Moira left the Inn and began to investigate various odd sightnings and odd happenings, putting everything together she came face to face with an assassin, one of her own half sisters. Then the Memories erupted and Moira remembered everything, her childhood, youth, the five years as a prisoner and her time up to now.

With her half sister dead, the troubles that had been stirring within the Golden Realms ease, and Moira comes face to face with her saviour again, whom she has fallen in love with. But before they can marry her people intervene taking her home, much to Tiphareth’s annoyance. He heads to Mirrormor with the help of one of Moira’s cousins, and there learns of her people and their ways. He then with the help of Storm and Grong must fight another of Moira’s sister’s, who has tried to not only cleanse Moira but also remove her memories of her time within the Golden Realms. The Shar’tah Council intervene, not desiring the Inner Chamber be reduced to shattered crystals. Tiphareth declares his love and asked for Moira’s hand in marriage. The Council allows this but state that Moira must give up her immortality if she is to live with a mortal and she agree’s.

Eighteen years after marrying Tiphareth and enjoying much peace as they raised their children, trouble stirred once more. The Forests of Tarkil were attacked by black dragon riders, and all of the Dilbare plains was flooded with a old and dangerous foe known as the Sihran. Moira’s children where caught up in the trouble which soon drew Moira into the fray when it was revealed that it was her last three sisters seeking to wage war against her. Her husband Tiphareth made several attempts to block the sisters, and had to rescue their two children a couple of times from the women’s clutches. In the end he exchanged himself for a captured old friend.

The Dark Emperor was marching upon the Golden Realms, and Moira was forced to put into a plan that had not been used for more than a thousand years, the same plan her parents had died acting out. Representatives of each of the five races where chosen to stand with lances, while an equal number of Shan’gri’lia held shields. An ancient spell was spoken, activating the lances, each one to shine like a star and flash through the sky like a comet towards the encampment of the Dark Emperor, to hopefully fully destroy his entire army. They where successful, however Lady Dovelin lost her eyesight as a cost for using such powerful magic.

Soon after restoring her family back to their little cabin in the woods, a old enemy of Tiphareths’ showed his hand, dragging him into another dimension where she persued to try to help but neither was able to defeat this old foe, the last stroke however was a killing blow that left her husband bleeding out upon the lounge floor. The children witnessing Tiphareth’s demise, affecting them both greatly. And Moira giving birth nine month’s later, named her young son after his now dead father. She would never marry again, content with having what love she had shared with her past husband, and allowed to retain her immortality again.

Moira has passed on, though like every full blooded Shar’tah she has had three life cycles. But was to find out when she woke a fourth time that she was not of Shar’tah stoke at all, her true parents was Shar’vore, a secret long kept from her, to hide a ancient royal line that has been protected all this time. Moira is known to return often, to assist and help those like minded, and those who call upon her name. She does not follow the old code of staying out of the problems that other races have, she likes to get her hands dirty especially when other certain races have a tendency to get involved in wars.

Moira Skydancer

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